Web-Ecosystem Engagement

Understanding Your Web-Ecosystem

Web-Ecosystem Marketing Across All Channels

While working with Epoch Avenue, you'll often hear us refer to the term “Web-Ecosystem”, so let's define what this means, as this is an important component of your success.

What Is Your Web-Ecosystem?

We regard Internet marketing as an ecosystem - a body of connected and communicating parts - made up of three unique areas of target audience engagement:

  • search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • target marketing and
  • social media.

Each of these work in conjunction to drive customers and prospects to your sales and service hub… AKA, Your Website.

Ongoing results in Internet marketing is accomplished using techniques which leverage the interconnection of these parts and are, ideally, executed by a team of experienced web marketing specialists.

Web Ecosystem Summary

Techniques and Applications

Web Ecosystem Detailed Applications

Choosing The Right Tools

The precise approaches and specific applications used to carry out Internet marketing activities are influenced by a number of factors such as the goals of your business, your position in the marketplace, your target audience along with your customer's shopping behaviour.

While there are hundreds of tools available, we choose to make use of those that have been proven to get results within their particular area.

At the same time, we keep an enthusiastic watch on new developments, track trends, and analyse new applications as they present themselves.


The 4 Pillars of Ongoing Success Your Business Can’t Live Without

While precise approaches and specific tactics vary with each client, four important components go into your foundation for online success.


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