Growing Businesses Since 1994

Experienced | Dedicated | Obsessed With Success

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Growing Businesses Since 1994

Experienced | Dedicated | Obsessed With Success

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We Are Epoch Avenue Web Marketing Studio

But It's Our Customers Who Are The Stars of This Adventure.

Our Story

This is usually the place where most companies will tell you how ground-breaking and revolutionary they are.

They'll offer up some photos the team sitting comfortably together chatting or brainstorming at a whiteboard. Or maybe an assortment of head shots with some witty quotes from each team member.

Here's an important point.

None of that matters if your experience as a client sucks or the work is shoddy. Our clients don't care about our kumbaya moments, or how edgy our team looks and neither should you.

Business owners care about being outrageously productive and profitable. They care about how we're going to help them get there. When all is said and done, the creative workspace is nice, but it isn't important. What's crucial is contributing to our client's success through dedication, communication and teamwork. What's significant is the results of the work we're producing for our clients. What's vital is that our clients are insanely successful.

This is what we care about. Our clients. Your success.

Who Do We Work With?

We don’t focus on any one industry. We are experts in the solutions we provide and that's what is truly valuable.

The companies we work with cover all industries, sizes, locations, products and services. We’ve worked with Banks, BIAs, Chambers, Clothiers, Construction Companies, Contractors, Dentists, Denturists, Fashionistas, Fellow Marketing Agencies, Financial Services, Fitness Gurus, Fitness Products, Furnace Manufacturers, Golf Courses, Homebuilders, International Non-Profits, Jewelers, Lawyers, Magazines, Manufacturers, Municipalities, Musicians, Newspapers, Not-For-Profits, Paralegals, Photographers, Politicians, Real Estate Agencies, Real Estate Agents, Renovators, Restaurants, Retailers, Start-ups, Tech Products and Wine Makers… just to name a few.

Our diverse working experience makes us very valuable to our clients. Facing the challenges of a world of businesses and people means we are constantly learning new techniques and strategies and fine-tuning our skills.

Our Leadership

The Epoch Avenue team is led by Katy Bilowus, and for her, Epoch Avenue is pretty much a way of life.

Katy's talents stem from diverse sales, marketing and communications backgrounds in the hospitality and customer service industries. She brings a balanced perspective and goal-driven mindset to every client's project.

  • Katy Bilowus
  • Katy BilowusDirector of Communications & Client Success

    As Director of Communications & Client Success Katy spends her time happily managing the day to day operations on the Avenue. She’s awesome at handling client requests and prioritizing tasks in order to keep projects moving successfully forward.

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