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Captivate Your Audience And Increase Brand Recognition.

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Video Production for Sales, Marketing & Engagement

Captivate Your Audience With Professional Video Production

A well produced and entertaining video that conveys the right message to your viewers can go a long way to increase your brand recognition and show your expertise in your business.

People Love To Watch Videos

We watch videos about anything and everything. We watch videos of laughing babies, snoring dogs and people falling off bikes. We’ll watch people talk about any topic under the sun. As long as a video holds our interest, we’ll watch…and interest is the key factor here.

YouTube is Hot

YouTube is being called the second largest search engine, and for good reason. With over 3 Billion searches a month, over 6 billion hours of video being watched each and every month, and over 100 hours of video being uploaded each minute*, YouTube is the go to spot for visual junkies everywhere.

*source: Mushroom Networks

Video Production

Should You Make A Video?

Having a professionally produced video could potentially help your business attract an audience you may have been missing out on. There is a huge audience that would rather watch than read. (that being said…we should have a video on this topic, don’t you think?)

Before deciding to have a video made, you should take some time to think about what you want the video to accomplish.

Do you want to attract a wider audience or Increase brand recognition? Maybe you want to gain new customers or or highlight a product or service.

Deciding what the goals of your video are can help determine the style of video that would help you achieve the greatest success.

Make It Interesting

Making your video interesting, no matter what the topic, is your best bet in keeping your viewers captivated until the end. Think about how many times you were drawn in by a great title or screen shot but ended up ditching the video part way through because it was boring. We don’t want this to happen to your viewers!

Epoch Avenue’s HD Video Production

We love making video!

It’s a fun and creative way to get your marketing message out there. Our video production services include:

  • Meeting with you to discuss your goals and objectives of the video
  • Idea sharing and input as to what style of video will work best to meet your goals
  • Story boarding assistance
  • Video shoot and / or voiceovers
  • Complete production of final video, with edits

Get Your Video Seen!

Now that you have a great video, you’ll want it to be seen. We can help with that too!

Epoch Avenue knows SEO, and that applies to video as well. Our Video SEO services will ensure that your new video is optimized for search.

We’ll also optimize your YouTube channel, or set one up for you if you don’t already have one, to make sure that you’ll reach the maximum amount of viewers.

Video Marketing

Have Great Video That Just Aren’t Being Seen?

We can help! Epoch Avenue can run an analysis on your videos and let you know why it’s not getting the views it should be. We’ll then begin working to improve your Video SEO efforts.

Enjoy Some of Our Video Work


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